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2011 Travels February 19

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We had to be up early. Went down and had a buffet breakfast in the hotel; a continental breakfast was included in the cost, as was a Weekend Australian, which I took with me.

The hotel called us a taxi and we were at the airport by 8.30am. Had to queue to check in our luggage – and there were queue jumpers.

It took us ages, as usual, to get through Security, while they checked out John’s hips triggering their alarms. Whilst I waited, they did an explosives check on me. Again. Must be something about the way I look?

Our flight was delayed by weather. Very delayed. The plane was to go to Port Lincoln and back, before loading us and going to Melbourne. It was still on the tarmac in Adelaide at this time!

Once it was confirmed that our boarding would be over an hour late, we got called to collect a $10 meal voucher each. Not really generous – $10 didn’t buy much at airport prices. By then, I’d read the paper and was bored.

John went and sat where he could watch planes out the windows and got himself coffee and a pie. I went and sat in a comfy chair, away from the windows, where I could hear announcements, and just got a coffee. Qantas got off cheaply with me.

I was concerned that we wouldn’t now get to the kennels to collect the dog, and the place did not open on Sundays. Looked up the phone number on the laptop and called them – they were open until 5pm today. All I could do was hope.

It was after midday when we boarded. The Dash 8 didn’t rank with the big boys, being parked right out beyond the walkway end, so we had to walk across the tarmac to it. It was a propellor driven plane – bit of a novelty, these days.

A Dash 8 plane

The plane made up time to Melbourne, but of course we lost time crossing back to Melbourne time. The flight was alright. We had the two rear-most seats, which were excellent. Only the galley was behind us. Again, we had to walk across the tarmac from the plane, in Melbourne.

Collected luggage, phoned Jetport Parking, who turned up really quickly. The car was ready to go.

The drive to the kennels, out near home, was alright. Roads not too busy. We made it before closing time.

Birdy seemed rather confused to see us. The owner tried to demonstrate her newly acquired skills – walking to command, sitting, dropping down. He seemed very rough with her and she appeared  too scared for my liking. He said we had to learn how to walk her and boss her into obedience. All very well but I did not want a terrorized pup.

Finally, after parting with about $1200, we got her into the car and proceeded home. The dog was quite subdued, but obviously recognized home. I decided she was feeling good to be back.

I did a quick trip to the local IGA for some basics, like milk, and we bought a fish and chip tea.

Did some unpacking. Birdy was quickly back into her normal routines. It was good to be back home with her. I thought she’d had a pretty tough time. The hair was worn completely off her front “elbows”.

Early night. It had been another long, and rather stressful, day. John would have to be up in good time tomorrow for the last match of the pennant bowls season. Back to normal……

The trip had been wonderful. So much so, that we might do it again, some time in the future. But maybe a couple of months later in the year?

I had been the one who had been unenthusiastic about the idea of the Ghan experience. I was so wrong. Absolutely loved it, totally converted, definitely want to travel on the Indian Pacific too. 

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