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2010 Travels May 13

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Despite prior performances. we were packed up and in Port Lincoln by 10.15am.

On the way out of Coffin Bay, we drove up to the lookout over the town and surrounds, knowing that there was plenty of room up there for the rigs.

Coffin Bay township from Lookout

The vegetation around the lookout had really grown up since last we were there.

M caught another mouse last night, so – hopefully – that cleared them out of the Troopy.

The Port Lincoln Caravan Park was a big one, but it had some strange sites. The park was on a hillside that sloped down to the sea, which made for some magic views. Sites were terraced down the slope, but not all of them were even.

On the phone, I had said that we had an 18 foot van – which we did, if one counted the drawbar. I didn’t know if the Reception people had no concept of size, or didn’t know their sites, or just didn’t care – or all three! We had to do a lot of manoeuvring about, to fit onto the site we were allocated, which sloped from back to front, and sideways too, for good measure. Even with a block of wood under one wheel, we would still be sleeping heads downhill. There might be problems hitching up again, as the car and van would be on quite different levels.

M was able to fit her tent on the site allocated, next to us, but there was no room for the Troopy, except for parking it on a very small site next to her.

We should have walked down and inspected the sites, before taking them. You would think we had learned that basic precaution by now. But we had so rarely had any problems, especially in a big and popular place like this, that we had become complacent.

Up the hill from us were some rows of drive through sites. They had easy access, and great views, but there was not enough room for them to put out awnings. A strange park indeed.

The cost of our site, after discount, was $23.40 a night.

The price for the wonderful  views across the bay was that it was windy, most of the time.

John went off to bowls. I did a load of washing, pegging it out on the line very firmly!

Today, I felt quite well again. All a bit of a mystery.

M and I walked the Parnkalla Trail – a walking trail that follows the coast from the Marina around to the port area. After a little detour around the main wharf area, we were back on the foreshore walking track, to the town centre. It was a pleasant 5km walk to get from camp to the centre.

Port Lincoln with caravan park location shown (Google)

We bought an excellent coffee at a cafe and sat taking in the beautiful outlook over the bay.

Walked a more direct route back to camp, via streets, but what the map didn’t show us was that it included a big hill. We must have walked about 9kms in all. The soles of my feet were sore, and I had a back ache. Couldn’t walk all day like once I could!

John got back from bowls about 4pm, having enjoyed his game.

It got even windier later in the afternoon, and turned really chilly.

Tea was pasta with a sauce I made up, based on mushrooms, ham and cream.

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  1. That has to be one of the strangest parks we’ve stayed in. Lucky they have a large camp kitchen for guests to escape the wind.

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