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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2009 Travels July 7

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There was some cloud about, looked like we might get rain, but it stayed dry.

One surprise of our time here was just how many trains went by. The line was just on the other side of the highway from the Park, and the train noise carried across to us, especially at night. I didn’t think there were any branch lines to the inland, north of here, so the many freight, and occasional passenger, trains must be servicing places between here and Cairns. One of the things that really impressed us about Qld was that they seemed to use railways for freight, much more than the other States. I wished Victoria would do that, and reduce the truck damage to country roads.

Across the highway from our caravan park

John went to bowls in the afternoon. He enjoyed it – kind of. His conclusion – this week – was that he was not a very good bowler. Next week? Who knew. My view was that the new bowls he bought earlier in the year, that he thought would be easier to use because they did not curve much, had wrecked his game. They might not be trendy any more, but I was sticking to the bowls I’d had since starting to bowl,  over ten years ago. I could be confident that, when I got my part right, they would do what I wanted.

Some of the bowlers had told John that the fridge repair place we were using,  charged huge rates. So he decided to actually get a quote from them, and if he didn’t like it, would try to do the work himself, and get it regassed later in Cairns, if needed.

Spag bol for tea, which John really enjoyed.

A couple of phone calls came in tonight, from members of John’s family. Both long and depressing.

Tonight’s MasterChef menu involved very fiddly, convoluted items – not for me!

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