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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2009 Travels July 6

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Today was a lovely day – sunshine, moderately warm. There is no doubt that the weather is the main reason we southerners flock to Qld in the winter.

I unloaded the fridge, then we wiggled and wrangled it out of its space. I put the frozen food and some vegetables into the park’s camp kitchen fridge, which was not too far away from us. Everything else went into the outside Chescold.

There wasn’t as much dust in the fridge cavity as I’d expected to find. It hadn’t been cleaned out since the fridge was regassed in 2007, and since then we’d travelled lots of dusty tracks.

John drove off with the fridge in the back of Truck, to the repair place. I will not name it! He left it there because they would not even begin to test it until the new fan had come in – maybe Wednesday? At this stage we did not even KNOW if it needed a new fan, so we were not impressed.

Went to the Castletown shops, which were starting to feel like home! Made some enquiries about a new phone battery for the one I was using. Got some groceries. I managed to get into a no-appointment needed place for a hair cut, and was quite happy with the results. John bought another book about Access.

It got to be lunchtime, so John had a Subway and I bought a savoury muffin.

Drove to Jubilee Bowls Club, where John booked in for bowls tomorrow, and put us both down for a game on Friday.

It was starting to feel like I’d only dreamed Rollingstone and Taylors Beach, and that we’d actually never left Townsville  at all.

Back at camp, John had a sleep. I sewed and read.

For tea made a stir fry of chicken thighs, garlic, honey , soy and udon noodles.

Watched MasterChef and again found it really interesting. They cooked a caramel pannacotta with macaroons and a passionfruit “slick” – fancy name for a bit of sauce. But I was engrossed in the program – a vanilla pannacotta with berry sauce was one of my standard desserts when cooking at the safari camp in the remote NT. Maybe I should have termed it a berry slick?

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