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2009 Travels May 25

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There was some light cloud drifting across, this morning. On our walk on Saturday, the ant activity did seem to indicate more rain was on the way. They had rebuilt the walls around their holes after the recent drenching. Please, no!

Re-fortified ant nests

D and John left for the Grawin at about 8am. D had succeeded in getting an early start out of John!

I washed the sheets and towels, cleaned the van inside, and tried to get some of the dried mud off the annexe floor matting.

I took some photos of a pair of frogmouth owls that were trying to sleep in a nearby tree. It had just been a fluke that I noticed them – pretty well blended in with the tree.

Pair of tawny frogmouth owls up there…..
……better seen with zoom lens

A Jayco offroader came in:  a van that I view as one for smooth gravel roads at best, rather than a true offroader that will handle corrugations and rough tracks. It must have tried to tackle the harder stuff, because it was really badly rattly. Could hear it coming quite a long way off.

John and D came back about 4.30pm. They’d had an enjoyable day. D had noodled a nice piece, and done some buying. John found some oddments but he wasn’t sure of the quality.

We all enjoyed the roast dinner, which we ate at our outside table.

Now that John had gotten a fresh taste of what’s available on the dumps, he wanted to go out again tomorrow, but with me too this time, and in our Truck. He said D’s car smelled too strongly of dogs! So I was his “cover” – his excuse for taking the Truck!

So we decided – or John did – to stay now until Friday. That would make an exact three weeks.

Another early night. I had found it so pleasant to be living life without TV, these past couple of weeks.

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