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2009 Travels May 24

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Another fine day.

The 3 tonne Roadstar and the camper trailer left today. Later, three vans came in, so that was a measure of how quickly the road had dried out again.

We went into town, to the markets held at the Information Centre. It was a mish mash of stalls, many selling bottles of opal chips and uncut pieces, some selling polished stones. There was a lot of poor-value, “suck in the tourist” stuff. I bought some novels at a used book stall – the best stall in the market, in my opinion! John bought one piece of opal, for $10. D was there and did a lot of investigating. He knew some of the stall holders, but he did not buy much.

I had to do a supermarket stock up. D was taking John out to the Grawin tomorrow, in return for which he was invited to a roast lamb dinner tomorrow night.

D sorting out his acquisitions

After lunch back at camp, John went to bowls. He won $10. I “patched”.

Had a brief sit round the camp fire after dinner, but it was an early night for us.

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