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2007 Travels September 20



Just one very long day of driving today. All familiar from previous trips.

At least, this time was more pleasant – slightly – than the one last December, when we experienced temperatures pushing close to 50 degrees around Eucla.

A little variety was offered by the descent and ascent at the Madura Pass, with its interesting views.

Also by stops for fuel – at Cocklebiddy Roadhouse ($1.75cpl) and Mundrabilla ($1.48cpl). The latter had a reputation for usually being one of the cheaper places for fuel on the Nullarbor crossing.

My plan was that we would stop at the WA/SA border, at Eucla, where we had stayed before and found reasonably pleasant. For me, that would have been quite a long enough day. I was conscious that the impaired circulation in my left leg was not helped by long days of sitting in the rather cramped space of the passenger seat in Truck. A couple of hour-long turns at driving, while John napped, didn’t really help much.

However, when we reached the border, John wanted to press on, and would not be talked out of it.

So we pushed on for almost another three hours, to Nullarbor Roadhouse. Our powered site in the caravan facility there cost $20. It was simply a place to stop. where the Roadhouse offered showers and toilets – convenience offset by the ongoing noise from the large trucks pulling in and out of the place.

Where the Nullarbor Plain meets the Great Australian Bight

It was a relief to stop for the day. I had shooting pains in my legs, my feet were swollen, and my lower back was hurting. Just too much sitting and being inactive, I guessed.

In bed at night, I could still “feel” the motion of travel. It was not actually all that unpleasant.

3 thoughts on “2007 Travels September 20

  1. Is a bastard when you’re partner’s love of brain dead football comes before his loving partner. Makes one want to chuck the tv out while he’s refueling. What goes round comes round.⚘🥂

    On Fri, 23 Apr. 2021, 1:00 pm This Adventurous Age, wrote:

    > wendyviney posted: ” THURSDAY 20 SEPTEMBER FRASER RANGE TO NULLARBOR > ROADHOUSE 810kms Just one very long day of driving today. All familiar > from previous trips. At least, this time was more pleasant – slightly – > than the one last December, when ” >

  2. I’m so pleased that Woody is a bloke who prefers short hops. But to some folks that is caravanning, drive like a bat out of hell for 4 days prop for 2 weeks then skedaddle home. I doubt that I could handle those long days behind the wheel missing out on all the hidden the interesting stuff.

    • Fortunately, for a lot of the time, our travel legs were much more leisurely – the way I liked it. It was just unfortunate that Septembers seemed to afflict him with football fever and get-home-itis. A bad combination……

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