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2007 Travels September 19

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Before our morning departure, we gave M and R a bottle of wine, as thanks for having us stay there.

I tried, unsuccessfully to fix the non-functioning fax machine there – it was the one I had at RV2. I really had no idea what was wrong with it and not enough knowledge to even  make an intelligent guess.

On wards, south to Kalgoorlie. There were places. like Menzies and Lake Ballard, that I would have liked to be able to stop and explore, but not to be. There was a lot around that area to the north of Kalgoorlie that was unfinished business, for me.

Found places to park the rigs in Kalgoorlie, where we had to check for mail. It was a bit of a hike from where we parked, to the Post Office, but that at least offered a chance to have a little look about.

Topped up the fuel – $1.33cpl.

Parted company again from M, who was staying on in Kalgoorlie for a few days, to explore. She did not want to do such long days as we were now having to, or to hang around somewhere boring in SA, to watch football.

We continued on, over roads driven before, to Norseman – another fuel top up – $1.45cpl. Then turned to the east, onto the Eyre Highway, which crosses to Nullarbor Plain, to SA.

Decided to overnight at Fraser Range Station. This was a caravan park set up, not all that long ago, on a sheep property. It was now well enough established for trees to have grown, and to become quite an attractive place. Our powered site cost $20.

After the usual basic set up for an overnight stay, we went for a late afternoon walk, out along one of the walking trails that had been established, for a couple of kms. There were good views over the surrounding countryside, from the top of the low range. It was a pleasant way to finish off the day. This was a much nicer place to stay than one of the roadhouse caravan facilities along the way.

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