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2007 Travels June 29

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A fine day. Good – I hoped all those dirt roads we would soon be traversing, were drying out fast!

For us, the main event of the day was that we collected our sandblasted and repainted roof rack. John was extremely pleased with the job that was done on it. However, collected was the operative word. We were shown it, paid for it, and then left to replace it into position ourselves! This took us a while – it was a bloody unwieldy object! Truck is high. We had to be careful not to scratch the sides of Truck.

The road into the Bungles was re-opened today. Guess there would be a number of campers very happy to be able to leave there now! But although the Gibb is open, the Kalumburu road that gives access to the Mitchell Plateau area is still closed, so there would still be stranded groups at the Mitchell Plateau, King Edward River, the Kalumburu area camps, and Drysdale River.

Still having a few more days to go here yet, should enable the initial rushes of travellers to the Gibb and the Bungles, to clear through the camps and get ahead of us.

Did some minor shopping for the weekend meals. Fish and chips again tonight. Didn’t reckon we would  be having our Friday night feasts again, for quite some time.

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