This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels February 4

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Our day off.

We just slept in, relaxed, did washing.

It was far too hot to venture out of the cool of the rooms, unless we had to. Every day now was into the high 40’s.

John thought he felt a bit better. Today’s rest should do him good.

There were some power outages through the day. Clearly the generation system here was having difficulty coping with the heat and the load placed upon it, just as at RV1.

Our men packed up at RV1 and came back here, where they went to work on the verandas of the new rooms.

Apparently Spotless at RV1 got totally fed up with the compressor problems of the freezer and the cool room, phoned a different company that worked on these things, in Hedland, and ordered them to the site on Monday to fix everything! They were not happy with the work of the Newman company. I silently wished them luck, because it was problems with that Hedland company that had caused me to use the one from Newman way back. Kind of a circular thing…..

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