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2007 Travels February 3

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I was the only company employee on deck at RV2. John spent the day in bed, off work, with the painful side. All the work he did yesterday had not helped it! He did go and see the on-site paramedic, who gave him some liniment for the supposedly torn muscle.

K was still sick, at RV1. The men there were finishing the new veranda roofs.

The cooling company came from Newman to RV1 with a new compressor, because the cool room one was not fixable.

Communique from RV1: the new deep fryer recently installed there was a single, and they wanted a double. I passed that on to HO to decide. Deep fryers joined compressors and smoke alarms on my list of most hated objects…..

FMG head man from Hedland visited. He was quite terse. He wanted the electrical and other faults fixed, pronto. The pits were to be lidded, sports court holes fixed (at RV 2 when someone drilled holes for nets in the wrong place!) , a fence built across the current access track – so all vehicles would be forced to use the new one, which fed into the car park area more. I did not like his attitude – if it was not for FMG’s ordering the new dongas, our men would have been free to do these things, before now. He wanted to know the EXACT date everything would be finished. I didn’t have a clue – hey I’m just the office flunky – so passed that on to HO.

There were still open pits…..

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