This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels January 26

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A very, very hot day!

There were only us, one worker and two electricians, of the company people, at RV2.

John took an Acco to RV1 and picked up a load of rubbish from the new buildings unpacking, and went on to the tip.

K appeared here from RV1 – came to get some tools. RV1 work was still held up by lack of cement. If K had thought to phone and order this a week or more ago, he might have gotten it. But he expected to be able to phone and get instant service. It rarely worked like that, up here.

A sudden strong willy wind at lunchtime blew my office sat dish over, along with a number of plastic chairs and redistributed rubbish about the place. I was able to set the sat dish up again, and the system still worked. Amazing.

Spotless ran out of gas, so there was no fish and chips for tea. I had been looking forward to that too.

Seen from my room, after work….

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