This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels January 25

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The new SPQ’s were installed at RV1. K couldn’t source concrete needed for work there.

Two of the men went out on break, after which they would be deployed to other projects.

John went to Hedland – airport run with the two workers going out on leave, then to RV1 with purchased supplies, then back here. He had picked up fire extinguishers in Hedland, and then installed them here.

Some of the plant was loaded onto the semi, to go south.

I’d completed serial number collection as Pod 3 was unpacked and set up, and spent time now getting those records in order, and completing Variation Orders. I still had to finish matching donga serial numbers with locations on site – hot work out in the open – and getting all that information into proper spread sheet format. It had not been done at all, back before Xmas, so I had to start from scratch. So there was still paper work to keep me busy – in between phone calls sorting out problems!

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