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2006 Travels December 4

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Low 40’s, with cloud.

In the morning, John took the Acco to Hedland. He took the water man to the morning plane, then went on to do his last tip load! In the afternoon, he was back in there on a purchasing run. It would have been interesting to keep a tally of how many kms he had driven, back and forth to Hedland, whilst here!

I finalized the office pack up. The computer and phones and printer would remain, because some of the men would remain here working for a short while yet. They would then have to organize the move of those things to RV2, or Leonora.

I phoned the Shire Health Inspector to come and do the final inspections of the wet mess and pool. He would come Thursday. Until he passed it, the pool could not be used – another source of complaint by camp occupants.

Darwin promised me a lockable first aid cabinet for the paramedics room – to be sent on the next truck. The guy there had delayed getting what I asked for until HO had approved it!

And that – effectively – ended my work here!

At RV2, Spotless had arrived and begun to unpack their stuff there. That would really put them under pressure down there – the Spotless management people were so pushy! I wondered how happy S would be about having to share her office with them, as I’d had to. But BB also arrived at RV2 today, so he might put Spotless back in their place…….I hoped!

Resize of 11-29-2006 RV1 aerial 4

The distant Fly Camp had been re-invented as a storage area for railway making machinery and service centre for same. 

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