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2006 Travels December 3

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We worked again today. There was plenty to do.

About 40 degrees. Daylight Saving started today – WA was experimenting with this. Didn’t make much difference to us up here.

Today, it was twelve weeks since we started work with the company, eleven weeks here on site. Over that time, we had each grossed about $30,000 in wages!

Brickie was down from Darwin with the semi. K wanted him sent down to RV2 to pick up the steel and form work from the bush where John hid it and bring it back here.

The water man arrived to fix the sewer plant.

Our men couldn’t finish doing the formwork for the paths around the pool and wet mess toilet areas because the materials they needed had been taken to RV2 by K!

Resize of 12-05-2006 RV1 by courts

A load of rubbish was put up on the Acco.

The mechanics were here to service the vehicles. The bongo bus was due a service but they couldn’t do it because it had been taken to RV2.

The electricians had to go to RV2 to get things they needed that had been moved down there.

The fencers finished the sports court and moved to RV2 to do the one down there.

Spotless were back with more complaints. Now they thought  we should get them a new deep fryer because the one installed in the kitchen was not efficient enough. They mentioned that they were getting many complaints from the room occupants because the TV’s were not working – which could not happen until all the electrical work was finished.

Resize of 12-05-2006 RV1 wet mess

The beer garden deck of the wet mess

I was flat out finalizing as much as I could of the Building Registers and packing up the office. Some documents still to come for the Building Registers I had directed be sent to HO – someone there would have to complete the things, and I attached detailed instructions about what was still to come and where it fitted. Tomorrow, John would send one box, from Hedland, to Alice Springs – containing the Registers; warranties for RV1 items. like washing machines, fridges etc; and other items of value, including computer file back ups on thumb drives. Four other boxes of general office supplies would go to RV2, for later trucking to HO. A couple of boxes of supplies would go to RV2 for use there, plus the contents of my desk – in case I returned. There were eight boxes of office and general supplies to go south to Leonora and the company accommodation business there – which it had been decided H and M would manage for the company. I was pleased they had ongoing work – nice people.

The amount of money that had been wasted through the original over supply of office needs was almost criminal!

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