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2006 Travels November 29

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Low 40’s and steamy again.

In the morning, John did a shopping  run for all sorts of required oddments, and in the afternoon, an airport run.

Found out that it was R who used the missing borrowed signs, and lost them somehow – probably buried in the back of a container at RV2 – never to see daylight again! The company would have to pay compensation for them.

The two electricians left at 11.30, to query things about their work, in town, and to collect things they needed.

The pool man instructed the Spotless managers on how to operate the pool.

John and Spotless second manager started out to check the completed shower repairs. The first three they checked were still unsatisfactory, so the check was abandoned. I notified HO, the build company, BB, and the repair men now at RV2 and left it all to them to sort out.

More door locks arrived, having come on a truck load to RV2. Now, the remaining Pod 3 rooms should be able to be fixed.

The pool men left.

Aerial photos were taken by John.

Resize of 11-29-2006 RV1 aerial 12

Resize of 11-29-2006 RV1 aerial 21

The site office at RV2 had to be relocated to make room for ongoing works. I was curious about why it hadn’t been put out of the way of works in the first place, like mine had been here, but had no one to ask about that.

Two containers of our gear were moved south to RV2. The pool installers finished there.

I did a lot more chasing around of documentation for the Building Registers, and photocopying for same.

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