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2006 Travels November 28

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Mid 40’s and very steamy after yesterday’s storms.

In the absence of anyone even vaguely resembling management on site, I had been instructed to sign off, on the company’s behalf, on Milestone 4. The FMG head honcho from Hedland arrived on site in the morning, and we duly signed the document. My signature was worth something like $6 million to the company! When I – reluctantly – took this job on, had not envisaged anything like that responsibility! For that matter, had not envisaged most of what I’d ended up doing…….

11-25-2006 rv1 aerial

RV1 as it would look in another few weeks. Gaps at ends of Pods for possible extra dongas

There was much cleaning up needed after the storm. The wind had redistributed quite a lot of loose stuff. John had to re-do safety barriers blown down in the storm.

John took the Acco to Hedland with a load for the tip. A flying stone broke the Acco windscreen on the way back. Then he went to RV2 with a load of materials for there, on the Canter. Then he had to drive back to Hedland for the evening plane. This was two hours late, so he was very late getting back. When this happened, as it did regularly, I was in the habit of getting a plate of cold dinner makings – salads and meats – and taking it back to our rooms. Sometimes, he was able to get a meal in Hedland anyway, before starting back – it really depended on what whoever he’d picked up wanted to do.

The shower repairers said they’d finished here and went on to RV2 to do some that had the same problems there.

The guy who wanted my office signed the lease contract.

12-03-2006 wendy at work

I spent some time on the phone, trying to chase up documentation I thought was needed for the Building Registers, from the SPQ manufacturers in Perth.

At RV2, there was a hunt for the RV1 disabled toilet that was supposed to have been transported there – which in turn was to replace our original one, which K had installed down there! K swore the new one was not there – but then he said that last time. Mystery of the disappearing toilets.

S drove BB to Newman to catch a plane to wherever he was going next. She could be spared for several hours – the men could not.

We were now into our last week here! Hard to believe……

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