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2006 Travels November 22

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Low 40’s.

There were only 4 company men working here now, 5 at RV2, with some subbies at both sites.

Had a minor vehicle collision on site this morning. P’s son was going out on the morning plane, but for some reason before he left, went to jump start his dad’s vehicle,  still in gear. It jumped forward and hit the Canter. Minor damage. Unfortunately, the FMG Safety Officer, from Hedland, who we’d had some issues with, every time he visited the site, was here at the time. He was an officious little man whom nobody liked. He then saw the lad working on the forklift for a few minutes, whilst waiting for John, wearing his casual gear and thongs. Safety man reported it, of course. So A, who was in charge here, had to deal with the lad. I had to deal with the FMG man – lucky me!

11-26-2006 P1000658

Another variety of reptile around camp – funny shaped little fellow.

J took P’s son to the morning plane and then collected R and M and another of the company men, from the midday plane. Then he had to go back to Hedland to collect two subbies from the afternoon plane, which was late. So he was away for much of the day, and booked up some extra work hours at night.

The company guy John collected from leave, was told to stay at RV1 to help with the tail end incidentals. So he had to take the Canter to RV2 to collect his gear. While he was down there, he fixed the phones – which had gone u/s again – following instructions given to him by the comms company before he left RV1.

M and R were to move to RV2 now – more cleaning and unpacking for M.

There was a gas problem with the vegetable coolroom refrigeration unit.

A – in charge at RV1 – was convinced the beer garden would not meet the Shire regulations, and that some wall would have to be removed.

The temporary bubbler cooler units installed in the ice room now appeared to have worked to cool the water enough for the three ice machines to now be churning out sufficient ice cubes. A win, at last!

Resize of 11-18-2006 dusk 5

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