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2006 Travels November 21

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Mid 40’s. The heat just went on and on.

Lots of oddments were being worked on about the camp.

The roller door for the wet mess would be made in Adelaide and a transport company would bring it here.

Tonight, seven of the Pod 2 rooms were used by Spotless – the first of the rooms in that Pod to be used, apart from ours.

11-27-2006 Fleetwood Made up bed.

SPQ unit made up for occupancy

The sewer firms was training the two bosses about the sewer and water. Bet they loved that!

A company would be in to surface the sports court here about 11 December, and at RV2 about 18th.

Resize of 11-29-2006 RV1 aerial 23

Sports court ready for surfacing – taken from high up

I had to call the Shire Inspector to clarify how much open space – as opposed to walls – was needed for the beer garden – because of people smoking. Could be an issue because the decks came with a certain amount of wall holding up the roof! If they head to be replaced with open beams or something, that would be a big hold up.

11-23-2006 Beer garden Wet Mess

Beer garden decks just placed – too much wall?

John did two trips to Hedland. When these involved the Acco tiptruck, it got pretty uncomfortable because it had no cooling system. At least the Bongo Bus had air con.

The gensets went down again in the morning, for a while and again in the afternoon. I could see more breakdowns of electrical equipment looming! Spotless was concerned about how the gensets would cope when there was a full camp, instead of only a third full,  as now. They were also worried about what the fuel usage by them would be then. Thank God that bit of equipment was nothing to do with our contract.

I went down to RV2 again, to do the office work down there. Quite enjoyed the drive – I found the country interesting, although many wouldn’t. The phones and modems appeared to be working alright there, now.

BB went to Perth, with P.  Two of the more experienced workers were left in charge at each site. Several of the men were on leave break from RV2.

At RV2 they had to order in two big truck loads of water to fill the pool because the water was not connected there yet. One of the men came down with heat stroke.

A problem was found at RV2. All the newly installed office modules had to be re-lifted to comply with correct step height. It took 3 men 6 hours to do that. The electrical conduits would have to be altered as a result. This was another K stuff up – he should have realized that the ground at RV2 was more sloping than at RV1 which affected the steps needed.

11-26-2006 Mr NT Link 2

Reptiles were adapting to the camp – nice home under that path!


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