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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels November 19

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Hot. There was an early thunder and lightning storm and it was really humid.

It was our day off. We’d now been on site for nine weeks. In some ways, it seemed to have gone fast but at the same time seemed  like ages. Had we been normal FIFO staff with the company, we’d have been out on break twice now, for a week each time. But apart from our few days at Eighty Mile Beach, we’d stayed here.

Did the washing – nice to have access to a proper laundry with lots of machines, and not have to queue for use.

Apart from that, just relaxed around our rooms and the van.

At one stage, earlier in our time here, when it was a bit cooler, we’d debated whether we should try to visit Karijini National Park on our day off, and do some walking there. But it was over 200kms to drive, each way, so neither of us could motivate ourselves to do that. Had it been closer……

Resize of 11-18-2006 dusk 3

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