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2006 Travels November 18

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Again in the low 40’s and humid. There was a storm in the late afternoon.

The head FMG man from Hedland had a meeting with BB at RV2. They were really putting pressure on us to have the Pod 2 rooms here available for Spotless to fully make up. They said the rooms must be in use for tomorrow, because they were expecting forty people in for some sort of ceremony to mark the signing over of the camp (which hadn’t fully happened yet!). Guess that was the original schedule?

11-18-2006 Spotless Office with aircon!

Site management office – with lots of air-cons!

The fence around the kitchen loading dock area was being built.

The electrical company men were off on a leave break. Just when we really needed someone to deal with little electrical problems and finish things off in Pod 2, there was no one here.

A man arrived (via airport and John) to fix the sewer issues. The pool installation man also arrived in.

Two of our storage containers were shifted to RV2 on the second company semi. That, with its driver L, had been based here since we started moving buildings to RV2, with L helping out about the place when the truck was not in use.

BB’s Landcruiser had two flat tyres – one when BB was driving, one when L was driving it on some errand.

The mechanic was back – again – and serviced the bongo bus.

John did two trips to Hedland. Reckon he could drive that road in his sleep.

11-18-2006 Gas Bullet

Camp gas supply

BB asked me to go down to RV2 and do any work that was needed at the office there, since S was out on leave.

I drove our Truck down there. Got to see the traffic controllers mandated by BHP, still at work down there. Sitting in their vehicle at the track corner, waiting for the occasional truck. What a boring job.

It struck me again how much drier, rough  and bleak RV2 seemed, compared to RV1.

There wasn’t much to do, apart from trying to make some order out of the mess that K created out of anything paperwork. I prepared a couple of letters that BB dictated – was quite impressed with my keyboarding speed, if I do say so myself.

Heat stress was an issue at RV2, and I could see why, especially since several of the men were working on installing veranda roofs. BB was letting the men knock off an hour early because of the heat. There were major storms around there yesterday and today, with heavy rain having fallen between RV2 and the Hillside road – I’d driven through lots of puddles and there was water over the road in a couple of places.

Despite the rain, there were several fires burning in the area, and a heavy smoke haze


Fires to the north at RV2

I brought back path lights for RV1 – they had fetched up down there on one of the trucks.

Resize of 11-18-2006 dusk 7

Dusk in camp – no path lights yet.


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