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2006 Travels November 11

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Into the mid 40’s again.

It was becoming a really frenetic effort to get this Village done. We had 13 people working on this site now, plus 2 from the A/C firm, 1 electrician and 3 other subbies

My office work was steady in the morning – with much interruption from bloody Spotless managers. In the afternoon – after HO was closed – I got onto Pod 3 serial number collection and got about half done. Was quite pleased with my effort.

Spotless reported that the dishwasher (industrial strength) was faulty.

Resize of 11-07-2006 kitchen inside 5

Kitchen and the problem dishwasher

The fire safety company – whose quote, incidentally HO had freaked out about – came and tested the fire hose reels, brought the extra extinguishers that were needed and plastic bags to cover each extinguisher in the place – something else I would never have conceived of. They were the only company in the region doing this sort of work. The guy spent most of the day doing all that stuff.

Refuelling those gensets took 5 hours today! Later, came word that FMG had arranged for a fuel tanker to assist with this.

John had a Hedland trip. He brought Brickie back – his semi was still in dock in there, having some repairs done.

Clothes lines were set in cement for each of the 6 laundries. The ice room was set up, the plumbing and electricals connected and the big ice making machines installed. They did not work well – perhaps heat affected?

The ice room and its proper functioning were essential for this place. Before the rail work crews  headed out, each morning, they would fill insulated drinking containers with ice cubes. These would melt through the day and provide them with cool drinking water – and they would drink a lot in these temperatures. No ice meant no work!

11-08-2006 Swimming Pool 2

Hole dug for swimming pool. More of John’s mesh work – and post hammering-in work!

Hole dug for swimming pool. More of John’s mesh work….and post hammering-in work!

We were very weary by the end of the day, and the end of our working week. It was very nice to relax in the relative cool of the van, with a bottle of wine – our weekly treat.

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