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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels October 9

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The paper work continued unabated.

A couple had been found to work at RV2, doing the jobs that John and I did here. They were supposed to arrive this week, driving over from Alice Springs, along the desert route. They would be towing their camper trailer, so I hoped they would not need rooms, given the tightness of the accommodation. They were friends of wife of BB, so I hoped that would not make things awkward for we “normal” employees.

The lifting of buildings into Pod 2 had been completed.

I was asked to take a heap of photos of the cement paving plant at work, for HO to see.

Resize of 10-09-2006 Paving 7

Mixed cement fed into paving machine. Only one string line needed.

Resize of 10-09-2006 Paving 11

Making paths the easy way

John had to take the Acco truck into Hedland to pick up some metal requirements. Also needed were some very long lengths of steel. As it happened, the company’s prime mover and one trailer was in camp – its driver, Brickie (as in, thick as), was having a day off before heading back to Darwin. So R drove the semi into town. On the way back, it was coming up to dusk. John could not work out how to turn on the Acco’s headlights, so he used the CB radio to call R to ask him. The talk was picked up by some truckies on the highway, so there was some to and fro conversation about where John got his licence, etc! John replied that it was in Melbourne and in daylight, so they didn’t teach him about lights…..Kept them all amused for a little while. A bit later, John was radioed by R – who couldn’t work out how to turn on the lights in the prime mover!

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