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2006 Travels October 3

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Found out today that I was supposed to be keeping a Document Register – containing every document of relevance to the project, including emails and the like. Now they tell me!

With fortuitous coincidence, the remote technical guru had finally managed to get my computer and the printer talking to each other, so I would be able to make print copies of my emails to date, for said Register. Seems the problem lay in the fact that he thought one of the machines was a different model to what it actually was! Really? He supplied them. I wonder at the competence of supposed experts.

Resize of 10-02-2006 06 crane placing dongas

Craning SPQ’s into position

I had to phone a fencing company to arrange for fencing to go in around the end of the kitchen complex to make a secure yard. I wasn’t really sure why.

Had to email HO to arrange  for $1000 petty cash for RV2, to be collected by John from a bank. K phoned to ask me to do that. Seemed he did not have an office computer set up down there, or he maybe did not have the skills to do his own communicating.

John had a Hedland trip.

Resize of 10-02-2006 04 taking some shape

Taking some shape…..

Back at Fly Camp I had to make up 6 rooms. Would make damn sure that the time taken to do this went onto the tally of hours worked! Not fun when one was hot and tired and hungry.

Now that work on RV 2 was ramping up – we had eight workers down there today – the South Point Fly Camp was also getting short of room. With BHP’s current ban on trucking dongas down there, could not add any rooms on the company’s behalf, like had happened here. The guy that ran that camp had already given up waiting for K to notify him of our workers who would be arriving and wanting rooms – he’d already had some unexpected arrivals – and had asked me to try to keep him updated, as I did here!

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