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2006 Travels September 30

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Usual work.

I had to put together a good set of supplies for the office at RV2. It was planned that there would eventually be a staff couple there, doing the same work as we were here. It was not hard to do the supplies needed, given the original mix up that had resulted in enough stock for four offices.

I did wish, though, that those in Darwin and Alice who had put these lots together, had bought decent coffee – I hated the catering packs of el-cheapo instant that had been supplied!

Resize of 09-30-2006 Footings Prepared

Putting down blocks to put the SPQ dongas onto

John did a run to Hedland today. Amongst his tasks was to buy a vacuum cleaner for BB’s donga room at the camp, so he could clean his room when here. I hoped that meant that he actually cleaned it, rather than becoming yet another task delegated to me!

Resize of 10-01-2006 21 Fly camp sunset 5

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