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2006 Travels August 14

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John phoned the company number that was in the newspaper job ad. It connected to their head office in Alice Springs. He explained that there were two of us and that I could do clerical work. He did not mention that I was less than willing! They were interested – at which I was amazed. The woman that John spoke to offered him $30 an hour. I don’t know what possessed him, but he replied that we were worth more than that! And, bugger me, she upped it to $35 an hour! That would be EACH.

We had been working for $14 and $16 an hour at the cafe. So, I was even more amazed.

It would be a four month job, down in the WA Pilbara, somewhere. We were to go for an interview, tomorrow, at their Darwin office. John told M that he would see if they had a job for her, too – she said she was definitely not interested! Funny how he seemed to take more notice of her – a little, at least.

I was really quite ambivalent about this possible job. I was looking forward to a leisurely run home, being tourists down the Centre again. I really did not want to be working until almost Xmas. I was rather suspicious of it all because it seemed too hasty, too easy, not enough questions asked. Like us – Safety Officer and Site Clerk? Really?

After lunch the three of us drove out of town, to Window on the Wetland and then to Fogg Dam.

Window was new since the years I was bringing students up here and was an information centre about the Adelaide River flood plains. The Centre was up on a hill – fairly important in a flood plain area – so it looked out over the wetlands – which were quite dry at this time of year!

We browsed the information displays for a while, but without the wet component of wetlands, there was not all that much to look out on – just dry flat land.

Moved on to Fogg Dam. We parked at the start of the causeway that crossed the Fogg Dam wall. We were not sure that we were allowed to drive over it. Was not a very substantial looking structure.

Resize of 08-14-2006 05 Fogg dam5

Slathered ourselves with anti-bitey creams, then walked across the causeway, keeping a very close watch for any signs of crocs, given the several warning notices that were there.

It was about a 3kms return walk, to go across the dam wall and on to the Pandanus Lookout. It was really pretty, with prolific bird life – so many egrets, assorted duck varieties, waders of various descriptions.

Resize of 08-14-2006 10 Fogg dam10

The Fogg Dam was originally built, in the 1950’s, to irrigate rice growing at nearby Humpty Doo. I explained to M and John how every magpie goose in the Top End decided that they liked baby rice plants, and that was the end of that scheme. It made a superb wetland area, though!

Resize of 08-14-2006 08 Fogg dam8

Egret and Magpie Geese

After we returned back across the dam wall, did the 2.2kms Woodlands to Waterlilies walk, which was also really pleasant and interesting.

Resize of 08-14-2006 13 Reflections

Reflections on the walk

Then, back to Darwin after a most enjoyable day.

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