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2006 Travels August 8

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Packed up, hitched up.

Went up to the cafe to say goodbyes. Boss 1 and B had still not returned from Darwin. There had been no acknowledgement from him at all – no thanks, goodbyes, or anything. At least we parted on good terms from boss 2.

So – goodbye to the Monsoon Cafe. It would be a while before I would eat hamburgers or mango cheesecake again!

Goodbye to Litchfield – wonderful area. Hoped we would return – but as tourists!

Resize of 07-18-2006 76 Walker Creek 13

Resize of 07-18-2006 48 Labelle43

We took the sealed roads back to Darwin. Called in at Batchelor to check that there was no final mail for us.

We passed a couple of the day tripper buses heading out to the attractions of Litchfield, and lunch at the cafe.

Resize of 05-09-2006 07 Florence Falls7

There seemed to still be lots of tourist traffic on the roads.

Went into our pre-booked en-suite site at Hidden Valley Tourist Park, booking in for two weeks. It cost $35 a night, but the seventh night was free.

M appeared, soon after we pulled onto site. She’d spent a few nights with her friend at her Cullen Bay apartment.

We did a full set up. The site was not huge, but the en-suite was very pleasant. It was a very practical design for this environment, with plenty of air circulation, and metal door structures, instead of wood.

M was on an ordinary powered site, some distance away. I told her to use our bathroom if she wished, rather than the shared amenities block.

We had happy hour at our site, catching up on our respective happenings of the past few days, and discussing what we might do now.

First item on the agenda was to get Truck fixed – hopefully, properly this time.

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