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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels August 1

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Day off. H was officially working in the cafe. Her first solo day. She was a much more experienced cook than me, so should have not had any issues.

We commenced the packing up and organization for our departure – in amongst doing the washing, cleaning the van and generally relaxing.

In the shop section that was part of the cafe, I did some browsing amongst the unmounted canvas art works that were for sale – done by a local indigenous lady that Boss 1 knew. I’d had my eye on some of these for a while. Brolgas featured prominently. I thought the prices set were fair. Canvas sizes ranged from fairly large, down to about 40x20cms. Bought a large brolga depiction for us, and several small ones destined to be Xmas presents for the offspring. John could mount or frame them. That accounted for at least a week of my wages!

Resize of 06-14-2006 40 Monsoon bus area 4

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