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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels July 4

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We had been given the day off, perhaps partly in recognition of the fact that we were having a hard time, right now.

John packed and got organized, then we drove to Darwin.

Refuelled at Coolalinga – $1.38cpl. Had done 364kms since last time.

I dropped John off at 4pm at the Casuarina shopping centre. The plane was not scheduled to depart until 1am. Red eye special! He planned to go see a film at Casuarina, or in the city, travelling by bus. I was a bit concerned about that – he was carrying a laptop. I did not think he realized that Darwin after dark could be quite an unfriendly place. I hoped he would change his mind and use a taxi.

I did a bit of shopping, for some food for me, at the Leanyer shops.

The bloody clutch was misbehaving again! Clearly, new bushes had not solved the problem.

I drove back to camp, feeling a little vulnerable, and hoping Truck would get me there. Got back just after dark.

It was nice to be able to spread out in the bed!

I woke in the early hours of the morning, to a plane noise overhead. I wondered if it was John’s flight, winging south?

Resize of 06-14-2006 19 Monsoon gateway 2

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