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2006 Travels May 29

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Today was the busiest one, to date, and a sample of what the full-on mid-year tourist season would be like!

There were ninety bus group people booked in to the buffet lunch, and another BBQ group on top of that. That meant a lot of prepping of salads and meat in the morning. I needed to do four ice cream tubs each of the sliced onions, tomato wedges, cucumber slices, capsicum slices – and a lot of watermelon. I sliced 450 slices of cold meats to arrange on platters, and more for shop sandwiches.

Boss did the BBQ cooking again. John and M helped him set up the BBQ area seats and tables, as well as their normal setting out of the bus group area – in groups colour coded by chair colour.

A backpacker type bus company brought in 19 people, to buy off the cafe menu, and another backpacker tour bus turned up unexpectedly. On top of all the independent travellers wanting lunch and drinks. The cafe queue was out the door! B had to leave M and John to manage outside, and come in, with French John, to serve in the cafe.

Resize of 06-14-2006 41 Monsoon cafe and seating

I used up all the prepared hamburger mince mix. It just lasted the distance. Had never run out of it before. There were only nine hamburger buns left in the place at the end of the day. I wondered how they would manage tomorrow – Boss 2 night need to come back from Darwin to bring bread!

I had to make four cheesecakes at the end of the day. Had sold all 48 wedges of same today. So much for getting ahead!

Amongst the goods brought back from Darwin by Boss, yesterday, was a steel mesh protective glove, to be worn when slicing meats on the guard-less electric slicer. I found it a bit awkward to use, but appreciated the thought. I was probably just as likely to cut myself when dismantling and cleaning the slicer, after doing the morning meat trays. That blade was incredibly sharp.

M, John and French John went off to Batchelor after work, at 5pm, to play bowls. There was no way I could go – was still up to my ears in next day’s prep.

They enjoyed themselves. John said the green was really rough, but the people were nice, and welcoming. He and M joined the Rum Jungle Bowls Club, and bought themselves club polo shirts. That would be something different to wear on casual days back at our home club!

I did not finish work until 6.45pm. Down at the van, I played music on my portable CD player, and read. Really enjoyed my solitary evening.

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