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2006 Travels May 28

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Today, as well as the usual bus groups buffet, there was a large bus group booked in for a BBQ lunch.

Boss was adamant that only he could do the BBQ properly, so he arrived back from Darwin about 11am. He brought some supplies with him, notably cream cheese! He also brought some mail for us, that he had collected in Batchelor, on the way through on Friday.

The BBQ went well, apparently. Boss could play the affable host very well, when he wished.

Resize of 06-14-2006 38 Monsoon bus area

BBQ rotunda at rear of bus group area

In the morning, I’d made orange poppy seed muffins to sell in the cafe.

Good tempered boss left for Darwin in the afternoon.

There were extra large batches of wet salads to make for what looked like big numbers tomorrow.

After the cafe rush had subsided, and I’d made the wet salads for tomorrow’s bus groups, I made three mango cheesecakes. We were becoming quite busy now, and those would sell over the next couple of days. I was hopeful that making three at once would mean I did not have to do more tomorrow.

M got back from Darwin, bringing the Weekend Australian for me. She’d stayed with a friend who had an apartment in the complex at the Cullen Bay Marina area, and was full of detail of the wonderful views to be had from it.

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