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2006 Travels May 9

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It was a day off. The sleep in was much appreciated.

I needed to do our washing. There was no facility for staff, for this – we had to use the one and only machine, which was in the boss and B’s donga. It was only a fairly small domestic machine, in the bathroom section of the donga, which was complete with partly rotted out floor! I felt intrusive, but there was no other option. I just had to try to find a time when they were out and about, rather than asleep in the next room, and when B was not already using the machine to wash tea towels and other linen, if the safari camp had been in use. It was just one of the several hassles about the place.

Resize of 05-02-2006 camp area

Monsoon Cafe environs. Safari Camp top centre, beyond open car park area; dense vegetation along creek line, amongst which was our camp. (Zoom satellite)

After I’d managed to get the washing done and hung it on the clothes line nearby, we went for a drive.

Decided to go to Batchelor first – almost 80kms away – to see if we had any mail. There wasn’t. This was disappointing, because I’d asked house sitter to pack up my working aprons, which were stacked in a cupboard at home, and mail them. I was trying to get by with just one apron I’d had with me, in case, and the few provided by the cafe, which were pretty scrappy.

I bought some things at the store – mostly packet cup of soups, to supplement the cafe offerings, for tea. Stocked up on yoghurt too. These were mostly what I felt like eating at nights, anyway.

Refuelled in Batchelor – had done 275kms – $1.57cpl.

Then we headed back, but side tracked to go see Florence Falls.

Resize of 05-09-2006 03 Florence Falls3

Multi-tiered Florence Falls

There was lots of water coming over the falls.

There were not many tourists about yet. Within another month, this place would be packed.

We did not have the energy to walk down to the level of the plunge pool – particularly since we would only have to turn around and climb a ton of steps back up! It was still too humid for much exercise.

Then we went back to Buley Rockholes. Looked at these, walked around the different levels.

Resize of 05-09-2006 08 Buley Rockhole

Buley Rockholes

Resize of 05-09-2006 09 Buley Rockhole2

The flow in these was still quite fast, and although the water was tempting, we decided not to go for a dip in the pools. Again, once the tourist numbers increase, these would be packed out with bodies!

Resize of 05-09-2006 12 Buley Rockhole5

When the flow was not so ferocious, this pool would be packed with people cooling off

Our final stop was at Tolmer Falls, where we had to walk a distance on a path, to get to the viewing platform.

Travellers could not access the lower levels at these falls, because it was the habitat of a rare bat.

They were very impressive falls.

Resize of 05-09-2006 13 Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls

After that exploring, we went back to camp to relax for the rest of the day.

The clutch on Truck had begun, today, to occasionally stick down to the floor, which was a worrying development.

My troublesome heel was still sore – at a fairly low grade level while I was doing work days, but tended to become more acute after activities like today’s walking. It was annoying.

Yesterday, the part time worker told the boss that she would be leaving shortly. Her husband had received an unexpected transfer to a more distant community. I asked if friend M could replace her – if there was enough work to occupy her full time. That was agreed. So we’d phoned M, who said she would now get a move on, from Qld, to get here soon. She had already phoned Adels, to be told there would not be work for her there, so our news was timely.

There was some cloud about, which made for interesting sunsets.

Resize of 05-09-2006 20 Monsoon Cafe sunset

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