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2006 Travels April 15

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A phoned from Adels. She reported to us that L got through yesterday and that he said the O’Shaughnessy was alright to get through. I told her we would probably try to come up tomorrow.

We were just filling in time here, and the park was costing us money, so the sooner we could go, the better. Plus, it was rather boring.

We went to a sale that was on at K Mart. 15% off everything. I bought some undies and a new electric frypan. For a while, I had thought that the thermostat on the old one was not working properly. There were big queues in K Mart.

Bought the Saturday Australian paper.

Posted a birthday card to daughter.

From most parts of the town, the mine infrastructure is visible. Mining lead, zinc, copper and silver here dates from the 1920’s and was the reason the town began. The mining has left an unfortunate legacy in the form of lead pollution, and elevated lead levels in the blood of some children that is of concern.

Resize of 10-04-2006 mine

The mine dominates the Mt Isa outlook (Google)

I gave the old frypan to the caravan park, thinking they might be able to use it in the campers’ kitchen.

We did some packing up preparation for leaving.

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