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2006 Travels April 7

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Near Augathella, we nearly hit a mob of emus, this morning. Of course, the group that was on one side of the road, all decided at the last minute that they had to make a dash to the other side. John managed to slow down just enough – without endangering the rig – to just brush the tail feathers of the last bird. That was one lucky emu. The brakes all seemed to be working quite efficiently!

Stopped for a coffee break at the excellent rest are at Tambo. Got chatting to the occupants of another van that was parked there. Discovered that they were also going up to Adels to work. What a co-incidence! But they were not due to start until the end of this month.

He had hit his van on the corner of the shelter roof, as he’d pulled in, and taken the top front corner off the van. So now he had to find somewhere to get repairs.

They seemed pleasant people, which was good, because working with people one does not get on with, in such an isolated place, gets really difficult.

Refuelled at Tambo – $1.36cpl. 420kms done.

Had decided to try to make Winton today. We would feel happier once we made it to Mt Isa!

Refuelled again at Longreach – 326kms done. $1.35cpl.

We were in rain from Longreach on. It was quite heavy at first, around Longreach, but had eased off somewhat by the time we reached Winton.

Resize of 04-07-2006 Rain band near Winton

Rain band near Winton

The radio news said the Landsborough Highway was closed at Kynuna, after Winton. However, we were not sure if this was still accurate, as there seemed to be a lot of trucks passing us, heading east, and they had to have come from Cloncurry or beyond.

Refuelled again at Winton, even though we’d only done 186kms. With the rain. we thought fuel supplies further on might be uncertain. $1.35cpl.

Went into the Matilda Caravan Park at Winton. $18 after discount, staying hitched up.

The camp ground was really muddy in the drizzling rain. Apart from necessary visits to the amenities, we just hunkered down in the van, had an easy tea and an early night.

Resize of 04-07-2006 to w

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