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2006 Travels April 2

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John slept in. After my breakfast, I went into Halls Gap for the Sunday paper. Met daughter and partner there. They came back to the park, to say goodbye to John, and to have a look at what the park was like, for  future reference. This time, they had been staying in a cottage in the township.

We went driving. Up to Boroka and Reids Lookouts, then to Roses Gap, Wartook and back to the van. All that way was through burnt country.

Resize of 04-02-2006 12 Grampians Fires27

Almost half of the National Park was burnt. It would be a long time before access was open again to many of the best places.

Resize of 04-02-2006 05 Grampians Fires20

Victoria Valley, Moora Track, Moora Moora Reservoir

White posts marking the road sides, and the road signs had melted, or were indecipherable. All the walks in the area behind Halls Gap were closed; tracks would have to be cleared of debris, signs and railings rebuilt before they could be re-opened. It would be a massive job.

Resize of 04-02-2006 08 Grampians Fires23

The view from Reids Lookout showed the devastation in the central Victoria Valley. That was country I had regularly hiked and camped in – impossible to visualize it as the same lush, green, beautiful area I had known.

Resize of 04-02-2006 06 Grampians Fires21

The Wonderland Range

We would not be sorry, tomorrow, to leave our neighbours in the next van. They had three whinging, wailing young children. They kept their heating system on all night – it started up every five minutes or so, and ran for a couple of minutes each time. It was most noisy and annoying. All I could think was that such inconsiderate adults deserved such horrible children!

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