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2005 Travels August 15

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The morning was really misty, with quite a heavy dew. This made spiders’ webs in the bushes and grass, really stand out. It was quite eerie, really.

Resize of 08-15-2005 01 Pungalina Mist

Although silence was the norm for so much of the time, it had a different quality when it was misty.

Resize of 08-15-2005 02 Pungalina Mist 2

I went up to the house and did an unpack and inventory of the freezer that was supposedly designated for camp provisions. I had noticed, over the past few weeks, that some of the cakes and breads that I’d cooked in slow times, in order to get a bit ahead for guest times, had disappeared! I needed the security of these stocks, not so much for guests we had decent advance notice about, but the ones who booked from places like Adels Grove, to arrive next day!

Found I had two apple coffee cakes, a zucchini cake, a sultana cake, two lots of muffins,  two French sticks. There were four loaves of sliced bread frozen, some pork and lamb chops, kabana, sausages and a couple of frozen chooks. In the fridge were reasonable quantities of cheeses and salami.

I felt a bit better after that stock take.

I faxed the weekly plane order to Tennant Creek. It was considerably larger than usual and would be really pushing the limits of pilot tolerance! We were expecting three lots of guests before the next supply truck top up, so I was relying on the plane supplies.

There were fifteen different types of fruit and vegies in the order alone, though the heaviest single item was 5kg of potatoes. 10 litres of long life milk also added considerable weight. Fortunately, although there were a lot of other items, none was individually too heavy.

O arrived back in the afternoon. He did not seem terribly happy to be back! We stayed out of the way at camp, and left it to A and W to update him on things.

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