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2005 Travels August 12

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We worked 7am until 10pm. The day passed much as yesterday with the guests.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday.

It was mail plane day. A brought down the camp provisions from the plane order. Yet again, I put aside my weekly newspaper until I had some spare time to read it!

I cooked roti breads for lunch and served those with a curried egg spread, mashed tuna, plus a mixture of ham, cream cheese and pineapple. Sides were coleslaw and a bean salad I quickly made up.

Prepared a mix of the usual pre-dinner nibbles.

Tea was a bit of a departure from the normal menu items. The normal meat supplies were getting a bit low, especially in packs that would serve just two guests. There was a chunk of corned silverside in the freezer, that had come on the last truck, so I cooked that, with onion sauce, a mash of potato and parsnip, and sauteed sticks of carrot and zucchini. It looked colourful! The meal ended with a coffee liqueur mousse.

Being their last night, the couple felt like sitting and chatting around the fire a bit longer than before. They had been really easy to look after, for which I was grateful.

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