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2005 Travels July 13

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Again, John guided the family around some of the property’s sights. He took them down the Dragons Breath Cave, which was a real highlight for them.

While the family was standing around in the cave, looking at the various formations, John noticed some little bats flying into a dark area off to one side. He thought that might have been a way to another entrance and moved in that direction, to investigate. Suddenly, one foot went through the cave floor, and when he looked down it was evident that there was another large cavern beneath! A long way down… He quickly moved back to the firm area and made sure no one went near that part of the cave – without saying why! It gave him a fright.

Resize of 08-30-2005 05 Cave Shot

In the Dragons Breath Cave

Resize of 08-30-2005 07 Cave Shot 2

Cave formation

To vary lunch today, served cold squares of zucchini slice, and  made some special sandwiches – egg and lettuce, tinned flavoured tuna with mayo and lettuce, cheese spread and celery and more cheese and vegemite ones. Offered melon and fruits again, and more of the raspberry slice.

John turned off the genset, and thus the fridges, and I took foods back to the house again – along with some leftovers for them to eat up there. I wiped out the fridges, cleaned up the kitchen, mopped the tarp floor.

John was very careful, over the couple of days, not to have Lachy dingo near the children – he did not quite trust him around small creatures! The children did get to pat Scunge dingo, though – she was much more placid and predictable.

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