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2005 Travels July 12

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John guided the family out and about, sightseeing.

Resize of 08-30-2005 38 Croc Hole 17

I managed to get the fax order off to Tennant Creek for Friday’s plane: the usual bread, fruit and vegies for A, some for me too. In this cooler weather, the supermarket had for a while, been able to supply things like corned beef, sausages, which helped vary our diets.

For their lunch, I made some salads and meat platters: a potato salad, one of lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, grated carrot, hard boiled eggs, pineapple slices. Bowl of beetroot. The meats were ham, salami and smoked beef. Made some cheese and vegemite sandwiches for the younger children. There was sliced melon and raspberry shortcake slice, apples and mandarins.

The parents seemed really impressed with the appearance of the safari camp – and with the meal, which I served on the big table outside in the shade. They asked if I could provide lunch again, tomorrow.

Resize of 06-04-2005 01 Acacia Torulosa

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