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2005 Travels July 2

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More of the usual routines.

I had the tent beds all made up again, so the tents were ready for the next guests, apart from the last minute finishing touches.

Back in April, O had brought back with him, square rubber “jigsaw” mats, that I’d pieced together to use on the floors of the showers. Preferable underfoot, to mesh and corrugated iron. They had been really good to have, but after last week, they really needed a more thorough scrub than there had been time for while we had guests. Today, I did that with a stiff scrubbing brush and Ajax liquid, and they were back in pristine condition.

It was a pleasant break, not having to clean the amenities every day!

Now that we had time again to have our late afternoon happy hour, in our clearing, I was noticing that the sunsets had become absolutely brilliant. Although we talked about it, we did not have the energy to make the sunset trip to the Escarpment, as guests did. John did not fancy the drive back across the river in the dark, either!

Resize of 07-02-2005 04 July Sky 4.JPG

With the guest flurry over, we did not see so much of O, for socializing. He had A to cook his meals at the house, so there was no point in asking him down to us for tea. And he had A and W for company, when he wanted same – and probably when he didn’t, too! They spent much of the time in the house with him and only went out to their camper trailer to sleep. A had brought her sewing machine and set it up in the house, so she had patchworking to occupy her in the evenings. I rather envied her that occupation – quilting was something I really wanted to try, but it was not a craft that fitted – literally – into a small caravan.

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