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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels June 29

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Another day of work.

I shut down the dining tent. Took the tablecloths from there, and from the breakfast tables, for washing and when dry put them away in the plastic container in the kitchen tent, for next time.

Mopped the dining tent floor, stacked the chairs.

Started the kitchen clean – a few day’s work there to do it thoroughly. The stove and oven alone made a big cleaning job.

The corn that John had planted by our van was growing nicely. He did more work in the vegie patch today.

Resize of 06-29-2005 02 Cane Toad Clearing 2.JPG

Quite a contrast to when we first arrived here. Vegetation drying out. Access track widened and smoothed by our constant use.

It was noticeable how much the country was now drying out. Green weeds had died down. The grass was browning off. The “deciduous” trees were dropping a lot of leaves – evident from the big one by our van, and in the quantity of leaves appearing on the camp lawns.

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