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2005 Travels June 28

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Back to work.

M got away early. We hoped she negotiated the driveway safely, and that the rest of her trip went smoothly. We wished she had a HF radio, so at least we could communicate that way.

I stripped the beds in the tents and took all the washing – sheets, pillow cases, towels, tea towels – up to the house to be done. There was a lot of it! A helped. While the guests had been in, she had done a great job of helping out.

Resize of 09-10-2005 02 Owen's House 2.JPG

The main house. Troopy at left end, other end was kitchen, living and sleeping area. Wall of wood slices and mud. Washing machine on verandah.

When stripping the tents, I found that one of the guests – a lady journalist – had left a rather exotic looking night dress behind. We had guest details filed, so I was able to package up the item and put it in the bag for this week’s mail plane.

I faxed through the supermarket order for this week’s plane – a mix of things for A, the camp and for me. I needed soy milk for my breakfast cereal. Yet more flour for bread was needed – a total of 6kg.

The tent water jugs were cleaned up and put onto the “pantry” shelves, for next time.

I washed out the various fridges and did other tasks to get the kitchen back in order and in stand-down mode.

We did a stock take of the drinks remaining in the camp fridge, and up at the house.

John was able to get in some much needed weeding and care in the vegie garden.

Cane Toad Clearing seemed rather empty, without M’s rig set up there. At the same time, it was rather nice to just be the two of us there again, sitting out with the dings, enjoying our beers and sunset.

Resize of 06-29-2005 01 Cane Toad Clearing 1.JPG

The area where our friend had been camped

I was rather hopeful that my son and his little family would be able to visit us sometime in August. Before leaving home, we had discussed a possible trip with them – flying to Mt Isa, hiring a 4WD vehicle, and visiting Adels and here. We’d packed our big camping tent and associated gear, for just such an event.

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