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2005 Travels June 26

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We now had two days off. The first for two weeks.

Decided to take M down to the lower Calvert, which she had only seen, quickly, from the air.

Packed a picnic lunch. I took the back seat, so M had a better field of vision.

We showed her various sights and features along the track, and told her of our various exploits associated with particular spots – like at the creek crossing where we could not find where O had exited.

I took some photos of an unusually shaped tree: like a heavily pregnant one, due to a huge burl!

Resize of 06-26-2005 06 Rotation of Pungalina 6 096.JPG

Resize of 06-26-2005 08 Pregnant Tree 3.JPG

We stopped briefly at the Calvert crossing, so she could get out and have a good look up and down the river there. Churned up the steep ridge on the other side in low range.

We drove in to look at Big and Little Stinking Lagoons – we had not seen these before. Horrible names for some really pretty places. Could be because the waters do not look drinkable?

Resize of 06-26-2005 17 Stinking Lagoon 5.JPG

Little Stinking Lagoon

There was some evidence of feral pig rooting in a few areas at the edges of the lagoons. These were on Seven Emu Station, rather than Pungalina, and I wondered whether they had, at some time, poisoned dingoes and thus allowed the pig population to increase? It was nowhere near as bad as we had seen in places like Cape York, though.

Resize of 06-26-2005 13 Stinking Lagoon.JPG

Big Stinking Lagoon

We were rather cautious around the lagoon edges. This was not that far from the river, and the coast, so it seemed to me more likely than not, that there would be a resident saltie croc, though we saw no evidence of same.

Resize of 06-26-2005 15 Stinking Lagoon 3.JPG

Resize of 06-26-2005 16 Stinking Lagoon 4.JPG

We had lunch at the Lagoons, walked along exploring some of the banks, then returned to the Calvert.

Resize of 06-26-2005 01 Merran Fish Trip 1.JPG

Island in lower Calvert – looking back upstream

It was a beautiful day – warm sunny, not too hot, blue sky. Just the best time of the year.

Resize of 06-26-2005 12 Calvert Scene.JPG

Lower Calvert River – looking downstream

Spent some time at the river, but neither M nor J was inclined to do any fishing. We just walked around, looking, watched birds.

Resize of 06-26-2005 04 Yellow Bellied Flycatcher.JPG

Yellow bellied flycatcher


It took so long to get down to the “coast” (though the track did not actually reach the sea), that there was not time to spend too long there – unless one left camp at dawn, and we certainly hadn’t.

Resize of 06-26-2005 10 Rocket Trees.JPG

Rocket like pandanus on the Calvert bank

The track had not gotten any smoother. O had not brought the visiting group down any further than the Calvert crossing, so the only traffic that had been on the lower part of the track, since we cleaned it up, had been O with L, when she visited.

It was almost dusk when we got back to camp.


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