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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels June 19

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This was our final day of preparation.

The camp refrigerator, drinks fridge and the portable freezebox, were turned on. That meant the generator would now be running for most of the time, until the guests left. It would be John’s job to ensure it was fuelled up when needed.

I ferried fridge and freezer goods from the house to the camp. There would still need to be some supplies brought own each day, though, given the very limited cold storage at camp.


New shelves stacked full with new gear and food.

John gave the camp lawns a final mow – a big job. After the mowing, there was a final raking of the leaves left to do, next morning. He did a final watering and then coiled the hoses neatly off to one side.

I made biscuits – Anzacs and Golden Cinnamon biscuits. I made a bowlful of hommus. I chargrilled some eggplants and made baba ghanoush. Baked four loaves of bread. Put containers of water into the drinks fridge to chill. Made sure the drinks fridge was well stocked and tidy.

John had the fishing rods set up and put in the rack O had made, beside the drinks fridge.

M made herself useful to both of us. She gave the tents a final check and going over, likewise the showers and toilets.

O had asked that I put on a meal for the cave party, so that was extra work. But it was a bit of a rehearsal for what was to come. I cooked the standard roast beef, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding muffins dinner, followed by panacottas with berry sauce. As well as the eight cavers, I had to feed O, W and A, who joined the cave group.

It was very useful to have M to help John ferry dinners from the kitchen tent to the dining tent, and move dishes back and forth – as well as help with the large quantity of washing up and drying of dishes, pots and pans.




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