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2005 Travels June 16

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An extra “gardening” task for this morning was to plant some of the alfalfa seeds we brought with us into the big jar, also brought from home, so that I would have fresh alfalfa shoots to use in sandwiches and salads when A’s group visited. John liked growing bean shoots this way too, but I would have limited use for those.

Resize of 04-23-2005 09 Dining Tent Surrounds.JPG

Approach to the dining tent

O had decided that an extra tent was needed to cater for A’s party, because there were a couple of single travellers amongst it. Accordingly, an area just beyond the existing camp area had been selected as suitable. Although it would not be surrounded by the green grass of the other tents, it was not far from them and was convenient to the amenities. O had cleared and kind-of levelled the chosen area, then we worked on properly levelling the ground for this, and putting it up. O had the new tent in storage. A nice new tent. There was even a spare sign for it in the batch we brought up from Melbourne – it was duly signposted as Currajong.

Things were really happening. W had the Billycart just about going. He was already making a difference to the vehicles about the place, too, though the main focus had to be on the Billycart. O hoped he could eventually fix the old bulldozer, which was parked up on the hill behind the machinery shed, so it could be jump started – on the odd occasion it decided to co-operate.

O had to leave early evening, to go rendezvous with the supply truck at Redbank Mine. This load, hopefully, had all the supplies required for the visit of A’s group, plus all the general gear I had ordered for the camp.


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