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2005 Travels June 11

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When John came back from the morning’s garden watering, he reported that W was already hard at work on the Billycart. This was a strange looking structure and I would be interested to see if it worked as planned. It would certainly add a novelty factor to transport of guests, as well as being efficient for the larger numbers.

The outflow from our sullage hose in the van had created a small, damp area in front of the draw bar. John decided to utilize this and today planted a small area of sweet corn. The hope was that we would have our own eating corn, in a couple of months.

There was a group of campers arriving today – cavers belonging to the Victorian Speleologists Association. They would be exploring some of the caves O had found on the property – and maybe even finding new ones. They came for the first time. last year, and were really excited by what they found here. This was to be a longer and more thorough visit – a couple of weeks.

The cavers would camp out at Croc Hole, on Karns Creek. The huge old fig tree there would provide a very pleasantly shaded camp area for them, and it was central to the main caves that O knew of.

Resize of 08-30-2005 42 Fig Tree at Croc Hole.JPG

Shade provided by the old fig tree at Croc Hole

They were self-sufficient so would not intrude on the preparations for A’s group.



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