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2005 Travels May 11

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We did the usual morning routine things, then drove out to fetch O, in the Troopy.

The coast track was beginning to seem rather familiar! It was easier to follow, even after just a few trips over it.

Resize of 05-14-2005 03 Mystery Shovel  3.JPG

Wilderness looks like this….

Met up with O just south of the Calvert River crossing, which we could barely glimpse in the distance. Next time we should get to see it!

O was pleased with his progress. He’d cleared the way to the end of his track to the north – and made it back to the ford. Apparently that section had not been as difficult as he’d feared. The final  step would be to bring out the other tractor, with the slasher on, to mow the track. Then, it should only take three to four hours to drive to the end of the track, from the house.

He said he’d remove the branch that had nearly decapitated the Troopy!

Resize of 04-29-2004 01 Dinosaur.JPG

Dead tree by our van – looked like a water monitor, or dinosaur?

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