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2005 Travels May 10

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I had to be up at the house at dawn, because I was going in the Troopy with O, along the coast track to where he left the tractor on Sunday. He would continue work on the track, staying out overnight. He was entrusting me to drive the Troopy back safely! I’ve never driven one of those before.

Tomorrow, he would clear the track as far as he wanted, then bring the tractor back to just south of the Calvert, from where we were to collect him in the afternoon.

He wanted John to continue work on the vegie garden roof today.

It was a pleasant drive out to the tractor, with O. We talked about the place, mostly. I was a bit apprehensive about driving the Troopy, but soon got the hang of it. However, I nearly scraped the roof rack off, on an overhanging branch on a section where there were some rocks to dodge – forgot about checking the overhead clearance! It was very close. Apart from that, it was just really enjoyable, driving alone through the bush.

We had managed to get the OK from O to use the computer in the office – and the fax machine to forward orders. I needed such access to do research work about things needed for the camp. I did some browsing and contacted Curreys, who supplied gear to the catering trade. They promised to send me a catalogue, on disc, in the mail.

Every night, now, saw beautiful sunsets.

Resize of 05-08-2005 07 Sunset May.JPG

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