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2005 Travels May 5

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Just a routine day with chores about the place.

I did the watering again.

John continued with framing up the shelter.

I took a photo of a big legless lizard that was lurking in some growth at the safari camp. It was a big one and scared me, initially, when I thought it was a snake.

Resize of 05-05-2005 Spot the Legless Lizard.JPG

Legless lizard in there! Curved shape across centre of photo.

A pointy nosed frog was sort of wallowing in a wet patch – the result of me tipping out washing water – near the van. I thought it was the same variety as the one that had been by the van wheel. This place was an absolute haven for wild life, being so close to its natural state.

Resize of 05-03-2005 09 Pointy Nose Wallowing.JPG

Pointy nosed frog in wet patch

Our resident cane toad was a regular presence too. At least I assumed it was the same one……

Resize of 05-03-2005 08 I'm a Cane Toad.JPG

Our totem!

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