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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels April 8

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This was our last working day. It had not rained!

I phoned our house sitters to tell them what was happening, and to see how the old cat was. They said he was alright.

John put some ply over the air-con intake, under the van, in preparation for creek crossings.

Refuelled Truck – $1.32cpl.

It was just a normal evening meal on the deck – no special farewells, or the like. We’d only been a short time here, this year – and had a strong feeling we would be back another time.

Before tea, I went for a final walk around the campground. Had a look at the camping site that started it all – where we stayed on our first visit here in 2002.

Resize of 3-30-2005 camp site 19 Adels.jpg

The site that started it all


We were very much anticipating tomorrow – but also somewhat worried about how we would manage the trip – too early for any roads to have been graded, this year.


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